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The January 3, 2017
Washington County Land Use Planning Meeting
(Washington County Zoning Board)

Topics discussed:

The election of Officers
Discussion about forming zoning districts
Regulating and zoning the un-zoned towns in the county.

Plan Commission Agenda
The Liberty Hour with Rhonda Greene, David Norton and Max Greene
Political Candidate Filing Deadline Calendar for Indiana

There are many forms to file with the state when you are politically active.  If deadlines are missed - oportunities can be missed. 

To make it fair for everyone, we have put the Indiana Election Calendar on an interactive Google Calendar that you can add to your phone or computer notifications.  It is open to the public.
Election Calendar - Indiana
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Pledge today so that we might be able to have
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The Washington County Property Tax Assessment Board History of Trouble

There apparently have been some very serious problems with the PTBOA Board for a number of years.
Washington County Government is Weird About our Property - Reciprocal Setbacks
In 2012, the Washington County Zoning Board tried to pass what they called Reciprocal Setbacks - which did not succeed and was not passed.

The easiest way to understand it would be that if a poultry operation located next to your home and your property was within a certain distance (400 feet for example), you could not build or repair structures on your property.  But the poultry operator could build anywhere on their property because they had an exemption. 

Zoning law not based on the best use of the land, but zoning law based on who's name is on the deed.

If it had passed - and it almost did - the effects would have been devastating to both the farming community and home owners. 
It was basically a "steal from your neighbor" law.
Click Here to see some Clips

Washington County Government is Weird About our Property - Reciprocal Setbacks
Is there something wrong with our Jail?
Problems that never seem to get fixed

The Public should be able to ask and receive details about any community project without the fear of embarrassment. 

Our Sheriff's Department has been written up by the Indiana State Board of Accounts for years for Bookkeeping Violations.

Click Here to see the information.

Do some research on your own if you wish

According to Cybertek Engineering - the technical service for Washington County - the County Employees have been using the County Internet Service to listen to music and watch Netflix videos while at work - to the point that they use up so much bandwidth that the State and County Programs that need to function to do our community's business don't have enough bandwidth to function properly.  
The County had to spend a little over $2,000 additional money to enhance the firewall. 
Here is an excerpt from that meeting.
Click Here to see the full video of the August 6th Commissioner meeting and Here to see the written adjustments.

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Is there something wrong with our Jail?
The Washington County Property Tax Assessment Board History of Trouble

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