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Washington County Commissioners - August 6, 2013
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Washington County Commissioners

August 6, 2013

Video Key – All Times are Approximate

9:05 – Pledge and Moment of Silence – Minute Approval

9:07 – David Neel of Cybertek Engineering – Computer upgrades on the horizon and Employees are using the county computers for entertainment purposes which is dragging down the bandwidth – there isn’t enough bandwidth to run the official programs.

9:39 – Daniella Walker – Purdue Extension – Appointment to Weed Board

9:44 – Allen Bishop – Washington County Artisans and Farmers update

9:47 – Probation Department – still in the process of hiring a replacement.

9:48 – Washington County Zoning update – Councilman Hoar reported.

10:04 – Personnel Policy adjustment – travel expenses – New Safety Tax Passed report

10:11 – Thomas Scifres – CumCap Approved – Flood Control Ordinance – Health Department fee update ordinance – personnel policy banking hours and insurance

10:24 – Commissioner Phil Marshall – Need a County Highway Supervisor – Commissioner Brown rebuttal and discussion – they will be hiring a new Highway Foreman to manage the whole Highway Department

11:00 – Commissioner Brown – Fairgrounds - Highway Department, complaints about the oil put down on the roads – Cox Ferry Road, low hanging bridge flooded and woman was washed away.

11:04 – Auditor Bachman – Veterans Affairs Office – Claim exclusion - Payroll and Claims

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