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Free video and voice recordings of Washington County, Indiana
government meetings and Interviews on local politics.

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Voter List for Washington County, Indiana
The Where to Vote Page on website. - You can find precinct maps
Precinct Voter Record (going back to 2008) Registered Voters
Salem 1 20170210_024313PM__SALEM I.pdf 20170123_030656PM.pdf
Salem 2 20170210_024313PM__SALEM II.pdf 20170123_030709PM.pdf
Salem 3 20170210_024313PM__SALEM III.pdf 20170123_030720PM.pdf
Salem 4 20170210_024313PM__SALEM IV.pdf 20170123_030730PM.pdf
Washington 1 20170210_024313PM__WASHINGTON I.pdf 20170123_030752PM.pdf
 Washington 2 20170210_024313PM__WASHINGTON II.pdf 20170123_030803PM.pdf
Washington 3 20170210_024313PM__WASHINGTON III.pdf 20170123_030816PM.pdf
Washington 4 20170210_024313PM__WASHINGTON IV.pdf 20170123_030838PM.pdf
Brown 20170206_014834PM__BROWN.pdf 20170123_025909PM.pdf
 Franklin 20170210_023332PM__FRANKLIN.pdf 20170123_030037PM.pdf
Gibson 20170210_023742PM__GIBSON.pdf 20170123_030051PM.pdf
 Howard 20170210_023807PM__HOWARD.pdf 20170123_030104PM.pdf
Jackson 20170210_023825PM__JACKSON.pdf 20170123_030234PM.pdf
Jefferson 20170210_023859PM__JEFFERSON.pdf 20170123_030443PM.pdf
Madison 20170210_023918PM__MADISON.pdf 20170123_030513PM.pdf
Monroe 20170210_024313PM__MONROE.pdf 20170123_030523PM.pdf
Pierce 20170210_024313PM__PIERCE.pdf 20170123_030545PM.pdf
Polk 20170210_024313PM__POLK.pdf 20170123_030603PM.pdf
Posey 20170210_024313PM__POSEY.pdf 20170123_030615PM.pdf
 Vernon 20170210_024313PM__VERNON.pdf 20170123_030742PM.pdf
As a Free Service,
we video tape local Washington County, Indiana public meetings.
Voter List Research Page for Washington County, Indiana.
Is there something wrong with our Jail?
The Washington County Property Tax Assessment Board History of Trouble

The official website of the Washington County Council and Commissioners is

This website is not the website of Washington County Government or of the Washington County Council or of the Washington County Commissioners. 

The transcript/recording of any meeting posted on this website is not the minutes of record of the Washington County Council or Commissioners. 

To obtain a copy of the minutes of record for the meetings of the Washington County Council or Washington County Commissioners, please contact the Washington County Auditor at the following address: 

99 Public Square, Suite 103 - Salem, Indiana 47167 or at